Early Learning Curriculum - Bambini Childcare Centre Brighton


We endeavour to provide your child with dedicated educators that will nurture and facilitate growth and development. We also recognise the importance of social interactions with children of the same age, but of different age groups, too. We strive to provide a supportive, safe and stimulating learning environment that will build solid foundations for every child’s lifelong success.

At Bambini, we support an emergent curriculum that is driven by children’s interests, suggestions and notions. Educators observe and converse with each child then interpret their collected information to channel into intentional focuses within their environment.

To support our emergent curriculum, educators use provocations to introduce children to new concepts. These are used to provoke conversation, thoughts, creations and learning beyond the obvious, which then influence the emergent curriculum.


Our educators cultivate the atmosphere of an oasis, an adventure land and a nourishing support system that encourages your child to thrive in all areas of development and wellbeing.

We understand that entrusting us with the care, wellbeing and education of your young child is the greatest privilege, and one that we do not take lightly. We hand pick our team to ensure that we have the very best educators to bring out each and every child’s potential.

Our long day care centres have been designed to mirror our methodology for learning with unique and, where possible, sustainable resources that support the development of your child.

Science class at Bambini Newtown centre

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Full of changes and growth, the first two years of a child’s life should be supported with constant nurturing, comfort and security.

Our nursery environments are made up of sensory-rich resources with dedicated cot areas to engage senses, nurture autonomy and to replicate your at-home rest routines.


New discoveries and curiosity pave the way for toddlers who are eagerly learning about their sense of self and their surroundings.

We provide your child with the platform to investigate their own learning and branch into topics that interest them whilst scaffolding their development.


Our Bachelor-qualified kindergarten teachers deliver the stepping stones that your child needs to get them ready for their next big journey in life.

Children will be supported to build the confidence they need to face the next challenge in their learning pathway, both socially and emotionally, with our dedicated kindergarten.

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Token Features


At Bambini, we promote project-based learning. This method of learning enables children to gain knowledge and skills by dedicating an extended period of time to investigating and responding to an authentic, engaging and meaningful question or challenge.

Projects or investigations may last for as little as a week or may last as long as the year; the children facilitate this timing and decision making.

We believe that projects and investigations provide many learning experiences that benefit children. Children present their own questions to be answered or take the initiative for investigation into their own inquiries.

Through conducting their own investigations and making decisions about their learning activities, children become empowered, dedicated and invested in their learning.

This active involvement in their learning builds children’s creative thinking and inquiry processes that are necessary for lifelong learning.

Educators enhance learning with real world connections, excursions/incursions and provocations. This approach to learning encourages skill application and positive learning habits by attempting to make learning as enjoyable, fun and self-motivated as possible.

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Our indoor and outdoor environments have been designed to inspire and promote each child’s learning journey. The environments are designed to flow seamlessly from one to another to create an interconnected experience linking learning experiences to create an ever-evolving opportunity for growth.

Outdoor environments provide opportunities to learn through play, enabling access to materials that stimulate investigation and reflection, and are enriched with natural resources and opportunities to connect with nature.

Our indoor environments have been supplied with the latest resources and furniture to encourage children’s inquisitive nature at every age group.



Bambini understands that during the first few years of a child’s life, their needs significantly differ as they grow.

Age ranges are maintained in each room to ensure the needs of each child are not just met but exceeded and each experience is there to enhance their next stage of development.

Whilst keeping our room sizes small and age groups close, we offer all children the opportunity to engage with children of different ages in some of our large combined outdoor play spaces.

We find these shared spaces builds the confidence of children as they can interact and mirror the skills of older children supporting their own development of fine and gross motor skills.”


We understand that children are competent and active learners from infancy. Our program reflects children’s interests and needs. Our main priority is to respond to children’s individual needs and routines in order to set a safe and secure environment where they feel confident to explore the world around them and engage with their educators.

Educators work closely in collaboration with families and value their input. Our infant curriculum offers a play-based program with many opportunities for sensory development, motor skill and socio-emotional skill building. It combines all the elements for a great start!


Our toddler program is a child-centred curriculum that offers a rich indoor/outdoor learning environment. Our emergent curriculum focuses on interest and play-based learning, with a philosophy inspired by Reggio Emilia.

Children explore, learn and play in an inviting learning environment in which they feel a sense of belonging because it reflects their interests and offers links with their homes. The program is nurtured by educators’ observations on children’s level of development and offers appropriate learning experiences that will help them reach their full potential.


Our preschool program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, using the 100 languages of a child to encourage communication in all its forms. Children are encouraged to express themselves in any way they see fit as they fully immerse themselves in our environment. The children lead the learning and make choices about their curriculum.

The holistic development of each individual child is encouraged with learning experiences that promote children’s connection to nature, curiosity and disposition for learning.

The children are in charge of their own learning and teachers are facilitators that help the children scaffold it. Collaborative work is promoted in order to develop social skills and help children to learn from each other as well facilitating a sense of belonging to a group.


Our school-readiness program is designed to support children with the readiness and social and emotional skills they require to transition into primary school. Our curriculum integrates both intentional teaching and child-led approaches and experiences and is based on the needs and interests of the children attending.

These experiences are all facilitated through play and include art, craft, construction, movement, music, stories, role play, games, mindfulness and relaxation. Children are also supported to be more independent and confident in their learning, emotional and social regulation and self care.

Our school-readiness program draws upon the Reggio Emilia approach, seeing the environment as a third teacher. Investigative tasks in both our indoor and outdoor environments will serve as a discovery tool. Sustained and open-ended conversation with children enhance thier curiosity and critical thinking.



The years of early childhood are so fast paced with every moment being an opportunity for learning, these years are going to be some of the most fast paced for social, emotional and cognitive development for your child.

We try to find varied, fulfilling ways to engage your child and we have enveloped these into our Bambini curriculum. These activities are what we feel captures a holistic approach to development including elements of creativity, exercise, science, movement, language, literacy, and socialisation.


All age groups

Our art curriculum promotes children’s learning in an authentic, emergent way. It encourages the voices of children, parents and educators.

Our progressive approach to early childhood art education links artistic expression with children’s natural development. We focus on artistic expression through ‘natural-unfolding’ behaviours.

We strive for every art experience to be a sanctuary where each young child is free to be themself and to put down their feelings and emotions without censorship.


All age groups

Our music program provides an oasis in the day, where children are able to fully involve themselves in sound, sight and feeling.

We use music classes appropriate for each age group that supports the developmental stage of each child particularly through their sensory exploration.

One fundamental aspect of our music classes is the educators shared value of practicing the pedagogy of listening which is highlighted in these music settings of two-way sharing.


All age groups

At Bambini, we offer a safe and stimulating multi-sport program that is especially designed for children across all age groups. The programs enable children of all abilities to develop coordination, muscle strength, motor and social skills.

Through collaboration and teamwork, our children learn about inclusion, respect and supporting each other. Participation in sports can also help build self-esteem, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and build resilience.

Sport can foster a love for health and fitness, encourage positive lifestyle habits and produce strong bodies and minds.


4 years+

Yoga has many benefits for children and is a great way to get kids involved in physical activity and mindfulness.

Classes are based around creative movement, breathing exercises, poses, imagination, dance and music. Yoga helps our children learn how to be aware of their own body, develop listening skills and improve balance and flexibility.

Children are often calmer, happier and more connected after each class.


4 years+

To further provide a variety of learning opportunities for each child’s developmental and educational journey – Bambini offers specialty science classes for children aged 4 years and older.

Our science teacher visits each of our services to work alongside the children and provoke discussions relating to important scientific concepts such as cause and effect, problem solving and hypothesising.


4 years+

Bush Kinder was developed in response to research that shows outdoor activities in a natural environment are extremely beneficial to children’s health, well being and development.

Providing a welcome change from familiar surroundings, the Bush Kinder program enables children to connect with local ecology, indigenous culture and seasonal changes.

Through the Bush Kinder program, children become more environmentally aware and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and where they fit in.